Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Teaser of new product

From upcoming project : Cars of 2016
Available circa end of June 2016

Concept cars 2016

First, let me tell you how every model is made. It is not a product of intense study, sublime designing process of tweaking every curve and every line. I don`t have time for that. I have four days for every model and whole concept needs to be designed in few hours. When modeling starts, there is no room for changing beyond minor tweaking. Why only four days ? It is only way to make this work profitable. I can`t spend more time on that and make money to pay rent. Life. So, before You start judging my taste or specific design solutions, remember this. 
We have here 15 models from different categories. Some are better, some would be better if I had time. Bottom line is that all models are brand free and ready for use. You can buy this pack here : LINK
Lets see what I made this time :

MORE inside

Blog is back.

I recived four mails from people who noticed. I decided it must reapear. Too bad that most my work can`t land here.