Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New project soon.

Stay tuned and expect something else this time. Something heavier than a car. Starting in Monday !
New 20 models with one every 4-5 days this time.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Infiniti M on the beach

While job ended, fun continue. After few hours in DeadSpace3 I made this image. Rendered in Lightwave with simple picture in the background and same picture as a only light source. Simple background plane with ShadowCatcher node applied. (plus color correction). Expect more of this kind of pictures.
(write me a email if You want bigger resolution (google make them all 1600x)... I have 2400x1350)
....and as a bonus :
and one more :
As You probably noticed I picked very tricky lighting scenarios for my backplates. It is all on purpose. There is nothing educational when You pick bright city street or some sunny concrete flat.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

three in the dark

I had two hours today to experiment on something. I would like to make some animation but it is impossible ! This simple frame in FullHD rendered for 42 minutes on my computer so imagine that every second of animation contains 30 frames and multiple it by desired amount of seconds. Every time I want to render something since .... always actually, ended on this issue. Every time computing power in our computers grow, somewhere in dark dungeon some coder already thinks how to change it to heat and long rendering times . They just can`t stand that our new, faster than ever PC can render now something fast enough to make some nice animation. They must invent some new radiosity or some other method that kills our fun. But on the other hand, who want to render without this newest, latest thing and looks stupid among others artists ? Not me. Look, I use all this new stuff :-)
Today I have simple scene based on models I did just now and scene I made few months ago. Three cars and container terminal in the night. Rendering time .... do not ask for animated version if You can`t provide me at least free electric power to burn in night rendering sessions. Sure, scene can be optimized to save few minutes but it not going to change anything.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cars 2013 - Skoda Rapid

Last one. Very similar to the Octavia model. (why??!?!?)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cars 2013 - Fiat 500L

So, 2:30 in the night here but I finished. Technically it is Monday now but it not count because I say so.
Last model will be started today ... after I sleep God given eight hours.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

WIP - Fiat 500L

Second day of work passed and fruits of it are not impressing. Car have a lot of detail and is very similar in some aspects to the modeled earlier Mini Paceman. For example lights have those chrome frames and whole upper part seems to be visually divided. Still not decided if I do a sun roof version or not. Anyway, here is a rendering without whole upper part of a car. I usually do not work in this way but this model is strange enough to brake the pattern. I hope to finish it Sunday. 
Sunday update :
Echh....Sunday passed and I still not made it ready. Still no headlights and interior. Monday will have to give 2 hours for this and rest can be spend on last model which will be Skoda Rapid.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Volkswagen Multivan - day one ( and a half )

One of my favorite big cars. Modeling is pretty easy except few persistent differences that coming from every other picture I find. Little things like cutting lines on metal sheets or other small detail that seams be depending on size versions and  door configuration. This kind of cars can have quite versatile palette. Here is what I have so far :
Small update :
In Monday I have few things to resolve but I will try to finish this model. Next models : Infinity M, then Fiat 500L and the last one will be Skoda Rapid..

Friday, February 8, 2013

Cars 2013 - Peugeot 5008

Just finished Peugeot and since day is still young I will start VW Multivan. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Peugeot 5008 - day two

This time we have MPV/Van on the workbench. As a still young guy I should hate this type of cars but I don`t. I always liked them as long as interior is nice, ride is smooth and quiet. I like the idea that You can sleep inside when You must. Short trip can be then much cheaper when hotels are not considered.
Here is what I got so far :
It will take longer than usual because rear lights seams to be needed to made with inside parts. There is no easy UV texturing solution in this case. A lot of other small detail also add hour or two.
Update : day three

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skoda Octavia - day two

No more energy to finish it today. I still have to make front grill and headlights.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lightwave3d - outdated?

While new free update was released (11.5) on many forums and thru many comments people who do not know this program or touched it last time ages ago have always biggest mouths. For me there is no better 3d application out there. Sure, if You have big studio behind You maybe those locked in the basement coders will come out with some breathtaking scripts every day but when You are one man band there is little to choose on the market. Basically we have Lightwave3d, Cinema4D and autodesk nightmare of subscriptions, prices and licensees. I know little about cinema4d but I remember it on Amiga, back in the days when Lightwave3d was ruler of all polygons. Now it seems to be very popular which is strange keeping in mind that it is much much more expensive than Lightwave3d.
I forgot that this post was supposed to be just another eye candy. Here You have two quick renders using standard Lightwave3d engine with HDRI image in the background and a invention called Shadow Catcher  which is best thing since sliced bred. All You see was made under 5 minutes ! Just load model, load image into the background, add one polygon ground plate, add Shadow Catcher node to this polygon. Move camera to take good shot and press F9. ( then do little color correction :-)
Here we have Skoda model, the same I showed post earlier.
And here, previous model, Opel Adam.

Skoda Octavia - day one

It will be excellent car if entry level price was like it is but with more powerful engine. 1.2l 85 KM ?!? Are You sure you all right there in Skoda ? How much it will cost You to make it 105 KM like in the same engine but different eprom ? 10 euros ?!
But in the near future it is not my problem. My problem is a good 3d model of this car and as always I`m on the right path to do so. In first day I manage to make my opening day minimum which is complete body and masked floor with wheel arches. Picture please :

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cars 2013 - Opel Adam

It looks better than I expected when started modeling. Even front and rear lights are quite good. Next model will be best seller, here in Poland - Skoda Octavia. Meanwhile here You have renderings of finished Opel :
(There are few details that are different on different versions so this one for example don`t have sport spoiler on the back.)

As always rendered in native Lightwave3d render engine. Rendering time is around 5 minutes with lots of AA. Model is 100% sub-divided surfaces and mostly in quad polygons. Polygon count before subdivision : 48100 polygons.