Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP - Opel Adam ... and technical problems

Ech... I must say that this one is going slow. Reason is that I have strange technical problems and it will probably end with system installation. Everyone who work professionally with the computer knows that doing so during some larger project is no fun at all. Countless apps and plugins must be reinstalled, registered and authorized, many folders with textures, objects and fonts needs to go back to the right places ... HELL and 14 hours of work. And still You always will miss something important and end up loosing some important data located in  some strange place. 
I have two files missing in the system and problems with OpenGL drivers that can`t be deal with if system will not be reinstalled. I tried few tricks but still, perspective of new SSD I ordered, make me thinking that it will be even better to make it fresh on new drive. Current SSD I have (60gb) will go to my old notebook with hope of speed things up a little there. I also fight with tempting idea of making my workstation completely off line. Even it this means fooling around with USB thumb drive all day long. So if model will not be ready on time be sure I`m in hell reinstalling Windows 7 and 5 tones of other soft.

As for the model it is also very tricky but worst is behind me now. You can see here how it looks :
Update: System is installed, essential apps also so I can start tomorrow.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cars 2013 - Ford Focus Sedan

Next model I will make will be small Opel Adam. It looks like a answer from GM to the Fiat 500 model.
In the meantime here You have new renderings of already done Ford Focus Sedan :

Friday, January 25, 2013

WIP - Ford Focus Sedan

Quite handsome small sedan that take me about 8 hours to achieve current state. Whole body is ready and remaining elements should be ready in next 10-11 work hours. For this model I have strangest blueprints ever. Rendered view from four sides. Feel very strange to lay polygons on someone else work in the background. I must say that everything except two small details was perfect so I was able to switch off my brain and just fill the gaps. And now, heavy processed (in ACDsee ;-) preview :
Update : Second day brings few more details. It will be finished in Sunday.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WIP - day two of mercedes A

I`m out of the woods with this one. Many subtle shapes and edges that are always inconvenient. I still work on this model right now so later I will update this post with some early preview.
This Mercedes A is definitely better looking car than previous model. Looks bigger, badder and probably stay on wheels even in tight corners. To bad it is 5-door. I don`t understand idea of small car with too many doors. Maybe the reason is I`m 6 feet and fat with aversion towards small door holes :-) See ya in few hours.
BTW, when I see blueprints in other 3d apps they always projected on some kind of polygons. Why is that ? Is there no more elegant solution ? What is wrong with traditional picture on the background of view port ?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Useful blueprint tips

Few people asked me for blueprints or how I acquire them. I do not have any technical data form manufacturers or from design studio. Except obvious sources like blueprints sites or google images You should always check two places.
First is a Your dealer site or even corporate site of car manufacturer. You should look for PDF brochures and price catalogs. Often there You find excellent vector based schemes with dimensions. All You must do now is just screengrab them and save as a jpg or TGA ( or any other acceptable by your app format ).
This is what I found for my next model in the brochure :
If You need it in higher resolution, just zoom in pdf and grab by pieces.
Second thing is not to trust google as a only place for images. Try image hosting sites like or pbase. I also recomend this site : . Too bad they limit resolution but I understand that bandwidth is not free. You will love how well organized site is and how frequent updates are.
Last thing that I always use as a place of rescue when everything else is useless is : Autoblog
You may be curious why because pictures they publish are not ideal resolution for our purpose but take a look closer. Every car they test have  front / rear / side photo, a holy grail of all modelers. They use zoom to make them and thats even better because of smaller perspective distortions. So if You are photographer, make sure that You will remember about 3d modeling brothers and sisters and make front, rear and side photos with as much zoom as You can use.

Cars 2013 - Audi A3

Model is ready. Nice car. I wonder why hatchbacks are so rare in USA. Anyway it was niec model to work on. Next will be a little more tricky since I don`t have good blueprints right now. It will be Mercedes A-class model. But first, let mi show You how A3 looks in preview renderings :

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cars 2013 - VW Passat Alltrack - Final

Yet another model made in three days. As always fully in sub-d ( quads ) surfaces and 60.000 polygons before subdivision.  Next model : Audi A3

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Passat Alltrack - wip, day 2

Nice looking car but probably not that useful in off-road situation. You will always wonder what can be destroyed when front or rear touches ground. All this plastics and fake shields under the car are probably attached to some plastic spoiler with few screws. Maybe not but no one will have enough confidence to check this in real- life.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mini in forest studio.

I planted few trees. Reason is simple. I got email and in discussion I was informed about not so good looking lights in my models. My argument was that mirrors in the headlamps can look good only when there is something to reflect in them so to prove my point I made this quick setup with trees to fill my empty scene.
As You can see reflective elements looks like it should. On the other hand another problem emerged from this tests. As always in Lightwave3d we have problem here with transparency. All those orange spots are errors, not a feature :-) Every one knows this problems for years. When You using fog or any other post 2d effect in LW3d and transparency or clip maps You will have this artifacts. The problem is I did not used fog in this scene ! It seems to be related to volumetric light this time. It is sad because I had exact the same problems in 1998 .... WTF Newtek?!
I do not have time to waste on this issue and I did not even inspect surfaces ... maybe it is something trivial.
Right now I need back to modeling. Jetta is set for Sunday.Anyway this scene was made in few minutes to prove a point about my headlights.

WIP - Jetta day 2

It will be ready Sunday.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cars 2013 - Audi S5 Sportsback - Final

Another model finished in 3 days. Next : Volkswagen Jetta

All materials are standard non-nodal surfaces. I can make them better but it can cause some problems in model conversion so I left them on conservative/compatible side.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Cars 2013 - MINI Paceman Cooper S - Final

I did it. Three renderings for You, straight from Lightwave3d 11.0, native render engine, no additional retouch. Rendering time without any optimizations in Full HD resolution and lots of AA (32) is 7 minutes and few seconds.
Next model : Audi S5 Sportback

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cars 2013 - MINI Paceman Cooper S

First day fruits :
I have poor blueprints but working hard to be as careful as possible. A lots of strange curves and details on this one. Strange car.
UPDATE for second day :
Update for third day : ( maybe I will finish it at night so it will be still 3 days but model is more complicated than typical car and I had many distractions today )

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cars 2013 - VW Golf VII

Model is ready. As always 100% in subdivided surfaces (  = quads and triangles only ) and under 50.000 polygons. All models will be ready to buy at just after make them all plus week or two for Dosch Design to make them in different formats and flavors. So You can expect it in early March.
Here You have final model previews : ( rendered in native Lightwave 3d rendering engine )

Scene and setup as always will be included so if You are Lightwave user just press F9 and You will get rendering like those above.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cars 2013 - VW Golf VII - day 2

Hello. I`m back into my routine. On the second day I have already whole body modeled and few details. I will try to finish it tomorrow but since this is first model in the series I need to make few details and elements that will be later copied between the cars but had to be made first. This can take little longer. So, my plan is to make first model in 3-4 days but keep all future cars in three day limit.
First rendering made in Cars2013 project :
Maybe I will change background scene a little but it is not important at this stage.
Ask for wires in comments if interested.
See Ya tomorrow.
Update for day three:
I had lot of distractions today but I managed to add few things.
Newest thing, a new tires with fully textured sides. Old technique I used on previous models is too poor for today standards. I hope You will like it.

There is no painted elements on the tire. Whiter signs and lines are due to additional spec channel in material so You have control on how much contrasted it will look. For model previewing I decided to underline this element a bit more. Any CG artist will have no problem to tone it down.