Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Container Terminal - final

My model of a container terminal as seen on the renderings is 2.140.000 polygons but most of that is a train (360.000) and seven wagons and other vehicles. As You can see with this project You will buy many models. Ship, train with flatbed wagon, two types of cranes, truck with flatbed trailer, container stacker and many smaller elements. Simple scene and light setup will be included. And now time for pictures :

You probably noticed that I left few empty places but I decided that it will be easier for client customization.
Let say that You need put somewhere a small building for clients company or make some other project specific changes ... it will be easier where there is no need for changing model to make some space. If that is not what You expect You can simply copy stack of containers and fill that space or place there few trucks and trailers to make simple parking area.
One more thing ... this is not a representation of any real terminal so do not ask me where it is located. It is just a little architect in me. Model will be available soon here :
Next : Air Port

Monday, October 29, 2012

Container Terminal - day 3/4

A lot of work ahead of me but it is already similar to the actual port. Still much of the elements are not there but I`m working on that. Scene as on those previews is about 900.000 polys and rendering time is only little above one minute in fullHD resolution so We can be optimistic about final effect. Outside scenes are rendered much, much faster.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Container Terminal

I decided to ditch the idea of yacht marina. It is too boring and too simple to make a good project. After all it is only a few platforms and a breakwater. Container terminal is completely different story.
We will have here :
- cranes to load/unload container ships
- bridge cranes to distribute containers
- container stacker vehicles
- truck with trailer
- train with wagons
- fences, entrance/check booths, some administration building
- hundreds of containers on the ground
- and of course ship
As You can see it is ambitious goal.
I`m working on models and materials three days now and in monday I will start to make it look like terminal.
Here is a photo of what I`m looking for to accomplish :

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Metro Station - final

It is 3 in the morning here and I just finished rendering of the previews. All You will see is straight from native renderer of Lightwave3d version 11. After that I corrected brightness and color tones in ACDseePro. Just to compensate lack of time to polishing rendering setup and to save some time. Reasons was laid in previous posts.

Entrance and surface part of the model.
Going down. Free space left for user customized scenes. Make it way You like.
Riding Escalators and going underground.
Platform level.
Tunnel entrance.
Camera in same place but facing back.

Next model : Sea port and yacht marina.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Subway - day 3

With every new element rendering time is growing. My toy computer is not enough for this kind of work. I know, I know, no one ask me to render previews, I`m paid to model but from time to time I need to see if everything is alright. On my current computer ( i5 2500k and 8 gb ram) it is not fun to wait hour for one picture. Worst part is that I need at the end render 8-10 pictures straight from LW3d and it take even longer.
Still no tunnels and tunnel entrance portals. Also I`m not sure about scale. I never was inside metro station so I`m not sure how big it is and I have feeling that this is too big right now. I will try to trim it a little. Last part will be making ground part of station and entrance upstairs. Remember that it is my second project of this kind and I just learn techniques while earning, jealous ? Don`t be. I`m jealous when I see people have workstations with two 8 cores xeons working at 32 threads! You lucky bustards! See ya tomorrow. 

Little update :
I managed to tweak native Lightwave renderer enough to have rendering time similar to KRAY. There is more noise but it took only 1.03h to render.All tone and color differences are due to heavy  processing and developing in ACDseePro :-)]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kray vs Native Lightwave renderer

First picture is from KRAY :
Very bright and with 29 minutes on the clock.
This one is native LW3d. Rendering time is more than 2 hours !!! Much darker but with better AA. Problem is that it take too long. So if You are into interiors, KRAY is must have for You. Even rendering process is much more "interactive" because GI is rendered first and it is very fast so You will see light in the scene pretty much in first minute. I must say that no additional modifications was made or tweaks between this two pictures. Just switched between renderers and press F9. I`m sure that tweaking some parameters can speed up rendering in LW up to 50% in this case but it was just a test and I do not have any more free time to test it.
After few previews rendered I noticed that KRAY rendered brighter image because I had tone mapping switched on which is similar to HDRI type of effect where darker places are brighten. So the only difference between two is only a rendering speed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Metro Station - day 1

Already working on second location. So far only escalators are ready and train from the older project. Rest is just a mask, just a sketch. Preview is rendered in KRAY demo because I just do not want return to native Lightwave renderer. Too much trouble to render good interiors. At the end I will have to but for now I will work in KRAY.
Scene lighting is made like in movie theater . Only source of light so far are those spot lights beaming light to walls. Rest is just well calculated reflected light. (rendering time 24 minutes on i5 2500)
UPDATE : (day 2)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Train Station - final

Train station is officially open. Or rather compressed and sent. It is first of this kind of project and I`m not sure how it will work after format conversion. Renderings as always are only for previewing and anyone with free time can make it better but time is luxury I can`t afford while modeling. Lighting must be as simple as possible and textures plain and simple without any special material parameters or layers. In this case lighting is based on background gradient as a source for global illumination and one distant spot light for Sun. There are also small point lights in some pictures to simulate platform lights. Nothing fancy. No projection maps, no area lights with soft shadows and no HDRI.
And one from KRAY Demo :
With model of train station You will get a complete train model as well ... in current form it is already made with quads and is ready for switching to subdivided form.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Station - day 5 ( there is a light in the tunnel )

Only few elements and this first model of five will be ready. I just need to add for example ticket and information booths with simple interiors and finish overall shape of the whole model. More later.
Update :
I just installed KRAY Tracer DEMO , a 3rd party renderer for Lightwave3d, pushed 3 buttons and was amazed ! Just look ! Much faster and much better results.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Train Station - day 3

So far I did underground connections of all platforms.
Stairs from platform 1.
Main corridor with simple shapes ready for user customization and all kind of architecture experiments.
 From the inside to the platform 3.
Other side.
Later today I will work on : endings of the single rails on the left and right side, parkings and small architecture and fences.
Update : Parking

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Train Station - day 2

Just pictures :
2 hours into the day two.
5 hours. More elements and lights above platforms. ( 170 point lights added :-) More later ...
Enough for today.

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Project - Detailed Locations

It is fresh ! Just started. Maybe 5 hours on the clock so far. Big Train Station typical to those in big European cities. Main hall with platforms covered with glass dome and below everything You can find on the train station. From trashcan, soda machines, benches , kiosks, info tables to underground connections between platforms. On the side two big parkings and administration building with ticket booths and waiting hall. So far I have just a unfinished empty hall but after week this scene will be massive !
First rendering with wrong rail layout. In the next pictures it is corrected.
Added train from one of my previous projects and background HDRI image as a light source. 
Aerial view of the departure hall. Do not pay attention to the background. It is just a light source image.
Under the main dome.
Last rendering have benches added for better scale. 
I will add few new pictures later after I add some new elements.

Check my blog tomorrow for big updates on this project. There will be added elements like : electric traction lines, underground connections of the platforms, clocks, lamps, small architecture and vending machines.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Airliner - missing element

It is finally over. Now I can get some sleep and watch some movie to repair my brain. Today I modeled cockpit even in my dream or rather nightmare.

You can see on thsi second rendering how much detail I get there. Every knob, button and screw is modeled and on the top of that textured with detailed signs and schemes. What is more important every sign make sense and is real representation on actual terminology and plane system. You can even vent cargo area in case of alien infestation :-)

Next post when I will have something new to do. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Airliner - day 5

I'm almost there. Today I worked only 12 hours :-) Only one "small" thing is missing. This small thing is the most complicated place in the plane - cockpit. HELLLL !
This is what I have so far :