Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yacht - day three

I wasted a whole day on stupid interior. ALL DAY ! Just to model empty shell and door/windows holes :-( So far interior is in very early stage. It look like just left shipyard to the finishing workshop. Pure plastic covers. Next step will be adding all furnitures, doors, carpets, wood and chrome. I have no idea how it will be in final model but I will try to do it as clear as possible. I must have in mind that model has to be universal to be useful in different software environments so You will have to add lighting by yourself. I will finish all outside details in few hours tomorrow and in the next 3 days I will concentrate on interiors. HORROR ! But someone need to do it.
Straight from real time previewer in Lightwave3d :
Camera is in main deck facing entrance to bed rooms and rest room. 
from right : sleeping room ( bigger ), stairs to the main deck, sleeping room ( smaller ) and empty hole where rest room will be. In place where is now camera there will be shower cabin.
Place where shower cabin will be.On the right entrance to the main bedroom.
Main bed room .
It is very hard to photograph or visualize such small places. Even fisheye lenses are not enough. Human eye and our time and space awareness is hard to duplicate on two dimensional picture. From photos and floor plans this boat should be quite spacious and probably bigger than my flat. I can live there if there is enough room for my workstation :-) Next post in friday. I will not be distracted in my quest for good yacht interiors ;-)
Update :


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yacht - day one

I was too nervous about this one. After four hours I`m out of the bushes and I have good base to build a great model. I will try to copy a real life yacht made by Polish shipyard Galeon. This model will be similar but different to the Galeon 380 Fly. I will change few details but not to make it better or anything, I can`t aspire to be better designer but I want to make it less similar to the original. All models in this package are non-branded so this is the main reason. I just do not have enough experience with yachts to make one from scratch and expecting to have nice lines and proportions and there is no time for experimenting.
UPDATE : day two

Friday, August 24, 2012

Bus - final model

Five days to reach this point. Model is 100% sub-d surfaces ! (160.000) Next will be Yacht and I did not even know where to start with that. I will start material gathering tomorrow.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bus - One more day

Curtains ! Yay ! Only engine left. I need to find some good reference photos of engine bay.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Model no.2 - Bus

After first two days I have complete outer shell and foundation for interior. Model is so far quite light on the polygons so I can go wild with interior details. There will be even curtains in the windows :-) Stay tuned.

Update : day 3

And few hours later :

Still no curtains though. Next day will be spend on drivers work place :-) Engine will be last in line.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Helicopter is ready

I`m dead tired working on this model. It is too much to warp you mind around in too little time. What is worse is another 9 models with similar level of detail :-) Next model will be bus with full interior and all possible detail like trunks and engine. I will start searching reference materials right away.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Helicopter - day 4

Still no engine and main rotator. Much more work ahed of me than I think it will be. But I`m stuborn.

Update : Day Five
Half of this sunny Friday is behind me and still no engine :-) I think it is my subconscious fight me because I can`t even start to model this engine. But this other elements must be done also so no wasting of time here.
Two more renderings. Helicopter is rigged and ready for animation. Later this day I will add control panels, pedals and joysticks for pilot. Engine will be done in last day.

Update to the update :

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New models coming

Greetings my 3d minions. In the next two and a half months I will work on 10 very detailed models. How detailed ? Hmmm ... as it can be in reasonable amount of polygons and tine. Every model will have moving parts, doors that can be opened ( and something will be there ... engine, trunk, fuel tank...). If possible even things like installations. I will try to stay under 200.000 polys ( before tessellation made by sub-d freezing )
First model is a modern helicopter similar to the Eurocopters. It will have open-able passenger doors, rear cargo dual doors, there will be engine with removable covers, fully modeled and textured cabin and everything substantial that I will find on real life photos. I will make sure that model will be usable in every possible way from visualizations to Hollywood productions. There will be no shortcuts. I will model everything humanly possible and try to fake it with textures only when modeling will be too insane.
Here You have rendering of helicopter after two days of work .... imagine how it will look after another 4 days :-)
UPDATE : Day Three

Next stop : Main rotator and engines. ....and more rivets :-)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honda Civic Coupe

Yesss! It is ready ! All 15 models made in little more than a month. It was good tempo.
Here is the last one :
What next ? Who knows ?