Saturday, June 30, 2012

Concept car from 'welcome screen'

This car is with this blog from the beginning. Drifting on some twisted road every time You visit this site. It is time to introduce Flame, a concept made for Dosch Design that can be Yours for few bucks with 19 other concept cars made for this project. Go here and buy it if You have a need in Your project. Many times legal issues around project made for the client exclude any usage of commercial brands and names. For this specific reason I made this model pack :
I must say that I was disappointed every time new pack was published on Dosch website. They never used my renderings, instead they publish this dull generic OpenGL like previews and not even for every model in the pack. One clearly visable example is our Flame car.  So before You will judge those models remember how good can be rendering with little effort. here is a few pictures based on HDRI background ( also available on Dosch Design page ) :

 Three last pictures are rendered in VPR preview. It is a real time preview rendered on CPU. Less than a minute in screen based on 1920x1200 resolution. More here : . I need to brag a little. Car model that Newtek used in this presentation is made by me also . Few more years and I will be in the monopolist position :-)

Roadster concept

Based on my previous model but in final draft it will not have any untouched element. Every polygon will be new. Styling of the front is almost ready. I will add few details but overall shape will not change. I'm not sure about rear but maybe some inspiration will come to me later. Side profile can be changed also with some kind of protective bars or some vents. I don't like this type of cars but as a study case is perfect. I will probably make second version with more aggressive sport inclination. Add some painted stripes, spoilers and typical sport detail. 

As for the colors I will go with white and black stripes and side paintings plus dark wheels. Stay tuned for more. I can also promise new background. I will render few shots with photographic background and use shadow catcher, new feature in lightwave 11.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mercedes Benz - SLK (final version)

I will use this model as a base for new concept car that I plan to make. Few shapes inspired me while working on them in this SLK. I will try to make mix of SLK, Mustang and Fiat 125p :)
Model is 71.000 polys (subdivided surfaces then applied) but can be much lighter if grids was not geometry but simple UV transparency maps.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Model on the workbench : Mercedes SLK

Small cabrio with hard roof. Body is ready and only details missing now. Approximately two more days of relaxing work.

Monday, June 18, 2012


In very interesting email and following conversation with Gemini846 I was asked how my studio looks like and how fancy my setup is. I must disappoint You. My 'studio' is a small and obscure room full of garbage. It is not very inspiring to work in it but what You can do ? Take a look :
You probably will check out my book shelf. Nothing spicy there, only history and politics.

Last few days I wasted watching Euro2012. Performance of Polish soccer team was even more disappointing than my quest for some new gig. Unemployment is so exhausting. Right now I'm back to car modeling. On the workbench I have Mercedes SLK. I will post some renderings soon.
Last thing in this small update.
If You will have free few minutes, please watch and spread this excellent documentary film about eugenics. It is called Eugenics : In the name of progress.