Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book cover

New work made for book cover. I've made many covers for books and magazines but this one was first in last two years. Book author had clear vision of this cover so I was just a tool. As always Lightwave3d was only tool I needed.
---- for Polish readers ----
Jeśli szukasz książek o wydarzeniach z 11 września 2001 książki te musisz przeczytać a autor jest specjalistą i znawcą tematu. Wejdź na oficjalną stronę wydawnictwa :

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vomitnig pixels

Updates are slower now and less enthusiastic because lately there is no reason to be enthusiastic.
Still no job or any freelance, it seams that nobody need my services. I send many mails and answer to everybody but still nothing. It must be even harder to someone who have family and any responsibilities. In my case only side effect of unemployment will be pixel vomiting. One of this sad incidents I recorded for You :
Of course another side effect is looming perspective of poverty but that is something that is not new for me. Good thing that my bicycle is working and can move my fat ass without gas. In Poland gas is a little cheaper than gold but our government is already working on that issue. If You live in US just imagine paying 6.5$ per gallon while minimal pay is around 400$ and median is about 1000$. Madness! It is all because of this sick Utopian drive for new reincarnation of Soviet Union called this time European Union. If fuel goes north even more it will be Euro'peon Union.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Concept model for free

It is finished and ready to download here :
It comes with two scenes. Please spread it, use it and have fun with it any way You like except selling.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Concept - Audi R7

Still work in progress and still few elements are not as I like. Front will be changed to underline few curves and headlights can add much if designed right. for now this picture must be enough.
Model is based on heavy modified S7 from previous post but in the finished design this will be unnoticeable. Probably finished model will be without Audi emblems and changed grill to make it more usable in commercial work without any lawyer adventures.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Audi S7

Model is ready. Front view another time because I need to go out.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rendering of the night scenes.

It is as hard as night photography. In my case I tried to render my still unfinished Audi S7 model in the scenery of LA roof heli pad. Background is a HDRI map which also work as a light source. For the first time I also used new feature from Lightwave 11 called SHADOW CATCHER. It is easy way to add realistic shadow on any surface suitable to receive projected shadow or even reflections.
Here is my effect after few minutes spend on scene set-up and learning what is what.
Funny thing. Few posts back I encountered a problem of too dark pictures. On the same monitor picture when displayed from my workstation by DVI cable is fine but later when switched to my online laptop connected by HDMI image is much darker. I do not know how it  looks on Your monitor but pixels are there so I hope You have better calibrated monitor than me.
As for the model it will be ready in day or two if nothing disturb me too much. (today it was family friendly invasion and trip to my ISP office). And do not worry. there will be no more night scenes where car is barely visible.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Audi A4 Avant

Model is ready and it looks decent. Every Audi is looking good so no surprises here. One thing about background is worth of mentioning. All small cubes are instances, 32000 of them to be more specific.

What it means You ask ? It means that there is only one cube that is real geometry and all of this is some programming  magic from Newtek. What is more important is fact that rendering time is almost not affected. 
NEXT MODEL : Audi S7 in red.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Im back

Those last ten days I wasted doing many unproductive thing from riding my bike to getting some vitamin D and sunburns. Rest was eaten by installing system on my new cheep PC (250$) and audio soft. This PC will be used as a audio workstation and synthesizer for my midi controller and pure fun of making a noise. Before that it was madness and hell unleashed when Sony Vegas or other gfx soft started to messing around with all those audio related VST and VSTI dlls. On top of that I was busy cleaning all samples, midis and vsti accommodated in last few years. Now I can back to 3d modeling.
This Audi A4 Avant will be ready tomorrow and now early renderings murdered in photoshop instagram style :)