Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Audi A8 drift

Ehh... I was ready to go lose some calories on my bike when storm started. So I want back to my lightwave and one hour later this simple animation was ready to render. One night later it was rendered and here it is :

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

BMW 760 LI - renderings

So, model is ready and it took only 3 days to complete. I work still in "lazy mode" so it can be quicker. I`m not so talented which means that it must be Lightwave awesomeness as a tool as a main reason of my relative quick way of modeling.  The new version ( 11 ) is so stable that I modeled 4 cars without any glitch or crash !! In previous version there was one or two problems every now and then but it was related to my configuration because nobody was experiencing similar problems on forums when asked.
Anyway, here are new renderings of complete model :

Little Big Update : You can download this model for free here : http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?t=127563 You will probably need to register there. If You a Lightwave3d user You are probably there already.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BMW 760 Li model

Second day of work on this car and You can tell what is it. I had whole body yesterday and today added few things also. It should be ready tomorrow  but I have few previews for You today. I have excellent blueprints for this model so shapes are perfect. It maybe off in some places but it is more related to perspective distortions than my mistakes. I will upload finished renderings tomorrow or day after if some interesting idea for scene come to mind.

One more thing ... for some reason uploaded pictures seams to be much darker than those straight from Lightwave renderer .... strange. 
update : Yyyyy....not really. It is just mind trick. Background of the page is just simply too bright so rest looks darker.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Range Rover Evoque ortographic renderings

Special request (facethevenom) ... He asked me for blueprints but I modeled this car from few photos.
My only way to help You FaceTheVenom is to render my model with ortographic camera ( no distortions) and post the results here. I hope it will be helpful but remember ... You will made all errors I made on this one :-)

blogspot resized them so if You need them in higher res write to me : mstawski3d@gmail.com

Friday, April 6, 2012

Peugeot iON - before Easter Holydays

Still unfinished but since I will be busy with family duties in the next three days I will post current state after 3 days of not so hard modeling. Like I stated last time I work right now in "not commercial mode". I have no deadline or any new job on the horizon so I can work much slower. Those cars I model right now, when finished, I will try to sell somewhere. Maybe I start some site because those special services for selling models still too much for every sold model.
If I find some time tomorrow maybe I finish this model but it is more likely that I spend too much time on live stream from Revision 2012 :-) What`s up scene bitches  !
 UPDATE :  It is ready. Next something more similar to the real car : BMW series 7, 760 LI to be exact.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

3D model - Citroen C4

It was very complicated model. Many small details, many curves. Over all it is a good looking car, thing that can`t be associated with next model I plan to do. It will be small electric car called Peugeot iON a mix of telephone booth and washing machine. If this is the future of motorization then it is time to die for me. I don`t like small cars even  those powered by proper fuel. With current technology it is just not practical at all to have car that can make 50 miles and then must be recharged for next 20 hours. Even if You are "greenie" You must see stupidity of this kind of vehicles. Not to mention that all electricity needed to recharge battery is still made in good old power plant where coal is burned like 100 years ago. I remember that 20 years ago it was common in my city to see in the morning a thin layer of ash from power plant on every car, now it is very clean, no trace of any ash or smoke.
Anyway, here are renderings of finished model :

All modeled and rendered in Lightwave 3d v11. Model done in less than four workdays. It has 60.000 polygons (subdivided surfaces). Rendering time : 40 minutes ( too much anti aliasing )