Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3d model - Peugeot 508SW

I`m proud to present to You my new 3d model. This Peugeot 508 SW is parked in the front of my building so every time I look outside the window there is one parked outside. I just started a new series of car models so You can expect new model every few days. I will not make them in my typical speed because it is side job right now, I will not try beat any record here.

Next model : Citroen C4

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This time it is my gift for whole crew, especially RedBan and Joe Rogan, my two favorite stoners :-) Psychedelic colors, mushrooms, and Hitler Cat posed as a lucky charm to trick all.
Added some demoscene beat from Dimensioncrasher and mixed in Sony Vegas. Just few hours of messing around, few hours of rendering and lots of fun while doing it.
Here is the link to the video :


The Weakly News

First gift from pleased fan goes to authors of The Weakly News. It is a show opening in typical USA pompous form, fuckin network style ! Everything is made by me so I can give it for free. If You like something I think it is fair to spend an evening and do something useful. Now I will send a twit to Brian Gramo, producer of the show with my fingers crossed that he will like it.
You can watch it here :

It is better than TV ! ( everything is )

It all started few days ago. I was looking all over the net for some nice lectures or documents with or about Graham Hancock. I was familiar with few of his books and wanted to know what new he have and on what subject. While browsing I encounter strange video podcast called Joe Rogan Experience where two stoners talked about 3 hours with mr. Hancock. Theme of discussion was quite new for me and still I liked it a lot. Before this video I know nothing about Joe Rogan and his friend Redban, more, I was unaware that those guys are stand-up comedy performers .... anyway I decided to watch more of videos from Most of the videos tell You how weed and hallucinogens can expand Your consciousness and expand your mind. I beg to differ on that because I know few stoners and you can say everything about them but no that their mind is expanding in any form. It must be similar to alcohol and fact that every user of this substance is sure that after few drinks he/she is funnier, smarter, better looking and suddenly poses dancing skills inferior only to ninja fighting skills. As a independent and sober observer I can assure You that it is all very subjective. But it is fun to watch so ....
Next one was with Deadmau5 ... I know his music and I like it. It is my kind of hard electronic music  with clear demoscene flavor. Next podcast was even better. It was one with Iliza Shlesinger, another unknown to me person and I like it even more. What a smart and WILD girl . Next logical step was to use Google on her. Thats how I found another source of funny podcasts. It is called The Weakly News. You can find it here :
Where I`m going with this and how it is related to subject of this lame blog ?!
You will find out in the next post ... post that will be strictly CG related. I promise.

OH, on that occasion I made Twitter account but  do not expect many or any tweating from me. It is only for observing purposes. I think that Twitter is for different kind of people, people that have something to say to the World or just think they have and I don`t feel that way. For me, World can f**k himself. As stated before, this blog is just my shameless self-promotion. Kinda cheep portfolio /slash demo reel.

Monday, March 5, 2012

SUV concept

New concept, mix of Volt and  Evoque ... I`m not sure if I like it.