Monday, February 27, 2012

Corvette C7 GranTurismo

Fresh from Lightwave3d renderer I present to You a four door Corvette. I think this can actually work.
I`m sure that there is a few people who wants to see faces of his passengers while doing a donut or some crazy acceleration. 3d model is free and You can download it on Newtek`s forum in gallery section.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Corvette C7 GT

Can Corvette be four door GT car ? I`m on the mission to prove that it can. Still work in progress but looks promising. Want one ?

Little update :
Changed front and added headlights. I`m still not happy with front/lower part. When You start seeing "faces" in this place there is no turning back:-) Original "face" was to much "goofy" and now it looks like dead fish face. For sport cars "angry" face is obvious choice but I want more neutral one.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hire me !

I`m officially jobless. If You want me just write e-mail. I can move to any place on the planet (if You help me with visas/work permits etc). I don`t have nothing to left behind. I can do everything form being You personal nerd to 3d artist. We can start new Pixar/ILM together or just make visual content for a webcast. I can model anything, animate everything (except characters) add sound, compose some background music and mess with any hardware equipment. Of course simple freelancing will be fine too :-) So ... "WILL PUSH PIXELS FOR FOOD" sign is in the making right now !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Few quick shots from my experiments

Just for fun ... it is always good to make something and learn.

New car models from Dosch Design.

 Cars 2011
I`m proud to present to You my last ( I hope not "the" last) job made for Dosch Design. All models are size accurate, build native as .LWO and as good as I can make them in 4 days each. Here You have quick preview. If You want more, check history of my blog. Each was showed in detail. Even when name suggests that those are from 2011 most of them are 2012 models.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Gift to You.

My old model ( 2003 ? ) of Russian heavy helicopter MI-24. Fully textured with baked radiosity and ready for animation. ( separated parts ) Even today still looks good, even in plain OpenGL.  You can download this model in Lightwave3d format (lwo) from the Newtek forum. ( gallery section ) Model is free and You can do everything except of selling it. If You use it in some interesting work, write me a mail so I can be proud of my work :-)
OpenGL view

Rendered without any radiosity.
 Too bad You can`t upload file to a blogspot.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What`s next ... any ideas ?

I`m in this business for long time now. While browsing through my hard drive and projects that I have stored there in last 12 years I noticed a quite interesting loose end worth of revisiting. Something like 10 years ago, when first digital cameras came up ( affordable ones ) I decided to make some photo textures for my projects. To this date I have a lot of photos of buildings and detail that can be used and even with decade old quality I will made some work in the near future.
My idea is simple. In my old project I modeled few low-poly buildings but with high quality UV textures that still in rendering made them almost photo realistic. Every building was composed on unified ground of the same dimensions so I was able to build a simple city just by glue one building block to another in a simple grid. Every building was surrounded by a UV textured road so when they connected it looked  like streets of modern city. A grid of streets and buildings.
I think that I will revisit this idea for a while. If it goes good like it is in my head I will try to make commercial set of building blocks with every ingredient necessary to make whole city. Maybe this city will be just enough to play role of the background in someone else projects. I know how hard and distracting is making this second plan assets that need hours of work and later are almost unnoticeable.
I can`t use models which I have already because those few was sold for someone and I just do not want do something unethical. I will start from scratch and lay some ground rules  first to make sure that my "lego brick" format will work on the bigger scale.
Later I plan to make set of low poly cars just to fit in with this city blocks. I always prefer to have low-poly models rather than using instancing. Just imagine that Your project require a parking with hundreds  of cars parked in packed grids, just like You will imagine in some visualization o shopping center or other facility. This simple modern cars models will be ideal for this kind of work. I still try to made them as high in quality of overall shape as possible but things like front lights or wheels will be just simple textured shape.

As for any other revisited projects from the past, I want to experiment a little with VFX stuff like particles, hypervoxels and volumetrics in animation typical to tv/movie. I have good helicopter model that I made many years ago with good textures and ready to animation. So You can expect that something will catch a fire or explode in the process, no, You can be sure because it is MI24 model :-)
( if I remember correctly I uploaded that model somewhere for free )

Tomorrow I will render few seconds of this older models mentioned in the beginning and post here as a update to show what I mean.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

MPV concept - final

Day later but finished.(flu) You can download this model from Newtek forum for free. I will put in the gallery section.

Friday, February 3, 2012

MPV concept car

Outside is minus 25*C so I`m now sure that this is winter. I do not have any work right now so bored to death I decided to model something. Everyone model concepts of sleek sports cars, futuristic coupes and other rather not practical cars that is easy to made. I like it more realistic and more down to earth.
This particular model is something in class of Grand Scenic or Ford Galaxy. Normal family car without eight exhaust pipes or side air intakes and spoilers size of park bench.
If nothing come up I will finish it tomorrow and probably share this model on Newtek`s forum like concept made last time.

I`m not sure about rear lights shapes but it can still be easily changed.