Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truso - teaser 2 in the making

Stay tuned for new animated teaser of Truso. It is still in rendering. Last take will be ready in few hours, then it will be short montage process and longer post-production. Maybe I will be able to finish it on Friday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to the Truso part 5

First job for today was a cleaning a scene and removing any unnecessary object on this stage of work. Many small details was changed and added but let me illustrate todays progress.

On this view You are looking at Truso from the lake facing east. Small island with old and burned down houses was added to brake water surface. Lake Druzno is very shallow and surrounded be swamps of Vistula delta.  Today there is even more all kinds of foliage and floating leafs but I will try to make it more clear for ships and boats.
I started by importing all added details in few different scenes and have now a clear editing ground. Mood and weather can be changed any time so I work in rainy mood to see colors better. In sunny light some things can be different.  Few hours later I was another step closer to finish a overall look of buildings. Many buildings has changed roofs.One picture show old roofs, second new ones :

  It is more diverse and real that way. For Monday I plan to add more and more detail in every household. It is still not a good time for livestock or people to be added but few will be added here and there for better feeling of a scale. Population of the village was probably 3.000-4.000 so there is space for all kind of things. Monday will be probably not enough for fences, because there is a mile after mile of fences. I have few but other part of Truso is fenceless right now.
Last picture show what was made today. Empty space in the front will be used for two new elements. Bald terrain on the left will be used for some kind of fishers huts, boats and nets. On the right there will be herds of cows and horses with necessary  water and food. I still must research
for example if there was any windmill in the Truso. It will fore sure look nice to have few higher buildings. I know that windmills was widely used in this time but can`t be sure if Truso is one of this places. I even modeled many years ago such windmill. It was building that can be rotated and with pole at the base. ( windmill on the stick :-)
So see Ya Monday for something new.

Friday, January 13, 2012

My plans for 2012

Last few days was a almost fully committed to the research of technical and historical realms of Truso, Viking culture, Slavic history and  everything else that can be useful. I consumed few ebooks, downloaded many pictures and wasted a lot of  bandwidth on tutorials and demo versions. I`m in the process of reorganizing my software and hardware base. It must be done without any serious spending since I`m jobless right now. I have money to live to the May/June so I will be working on Truso with one eye and with another searching for some freelance gig.
To tell You a truth I don`t know if I can even continue with this project since I do not see any sense in this other than learning new things and feel busy. This fell that You are not wasting time even if it will not help You financially is needed, otherwise I will feel like bum. It is something new to me. I always was busy with some thing or another. In my school years it was ... no, not school ... computers. Then it was synthesizers and music and  then a last 14 or 15 years it was graphics and animation. Money was bad for the most time but last 5 years it was enough. I`m not specially ambitious so I wasn't looking for anything more. I`m not greedy so I did not save much too :-)
I hope that new job be assigned to me later this year. In the meantime I will stop Truso project for few weeks. I do not want to continue right now because I do not have necessary tools and computing power. As for tools I need a newest version of Lightwave3d. It will have INSTANCES that are essential. I can do them right now with plug-ins but I`m afraid  that it can cause many problems with migration to the new application and since hundreds objects must be positioned on the scene a though of doing it again is too scary for me. In the meantime I need to model few models anyway before I will complete the scene.
Another issue is a final idea of this project. I still don`t know what I want to say and show in final project. It can be anything from documentary to some kind of tourism materials. It was not promoted anywhere except this blog and YouTube channel so I can`t tell is there any sponsor or someone who will be interested in this but still I was contacted with two magazines and local TV. It is a small boost but nothing serious.
In my dreams I can see a full hour of documentary movie. It will must involve someone that knows thing or two about Vikings and Truso. From technical point of view I feel confident to stand against any wish of potential director or writer. Even actors from some historical reconstruction groups can be used and composed to make whole movie alive. But I can`t do that myself. I do not have infrastructure to do so.
In the world of computer graphics there is always a rendering power factor. When You render/generate animation and one frame take 20-30 minutes to finish and You know that every second of the movie is 24 to 30 of this frames You can understand technical problems. Have in mind that not every take will be good in the first try.
So, what is my plan for 2012 ? My plan is to trust in God and wait for opportunity. If it will be another job to rescue my budget it will be fine. If it will be sponsor/investor to make something big, even better. If it will be someone who want make whole studio and even more and better projects it will be excellent. If nothing above ? I`m not stupid, I will figure something.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to the Truso part 4

Hello again. This time I will show You one frame from long shot (30 seconds ) that will be a background for introductory text ... some type of " ... long time ago in ....". What You see here is a camera flying thru  few layers of clouds made of photos with transparency channels animated to achieve realistic effect. Aerial image of Truso will be clearer while camera gets closer to the ground. I wanted to simulate simple haze effect with standard FOG option in Lightwave3d.