Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 2 day 1- day end

I decided to model A6 in S-line package look. Is is better looking car. Too bad that I can only dream about car like this. Next day should end with full body modeled and ready for detail work.

Cars2011 - Part 2 day 1

Audi A6. Blueprints are ready, modeler is set. Right now I have few non-cg related dutys so I`m not sure if I will have much to show later this day but will try anyway. Tommorow will be busy day but in friday I have longer trip planed so it will be quiet day on the blog.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 4 - Final

It is ready. As always model is 100% subdivided surface, under 60.000 polys. After few simple tricks You can make it under 40.000 polys. ( change wheels, remove inside .. )

Next : Audi A6

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 4 - almost ready

There is only lights left. Tail lights wilbe simple uv texture but headlights must be 3d. With every new car lights are harder to model. All those leds, lenses, shapes ... I miss modeling classic cars with round lights :-)

Q3 will be ready today. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 3 day end

After few hours of PC problems my to do list was not fullfiled. Here is current status :

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 3

Did not have enough time so far. Here is current state :

More to come on day end report. There will be added : wheels, front grill, rear lights and licence plates.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 2 - day end

That is it for today. As every 3d artist know, it is hard work, small money and no life. If money had to be in the same league that You brain have to be in this line of work ... yeah ... Im too tired even for dreaming about them right now.

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 2 - first few hours

Sunnny sunday but since I selled my bike there is nothing to do outside. I think I buy a new one, probably Yamaha Majesty 400 on spring 2012. ( I will have enough time before end of the world to drive it :-)
On the Q3 front everything is going good. I decided to rework universal elements like brakes, tires, cabin and few other detail copied between the models to fresh it up a little. This can take a while so my first model in this series will be ready after four days. New brake discs :
... and here is main model :

To Do list for today :
- both windscreens
- rear door with screen wipe and Audi logo
- rear spoiler
- relings on the roof

See Ya later

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 1 - day end report

It is enough for today. Since monday I have new show to enjoy. Wait for it ..... Miami Vice :-))). By accident I downloaded season 3 from torents so way not ? Last time I was 10 or 12 years old when it was in polish television. Since then I did`nt watch even one episode and if I know TVP it was badly translated, mixed episodes and maximum two or three seasons. Now I have all five seasons plus unaired episodes so it will be orgy of 80`s :-)

Here You have current state of Audi Q3 :

See ya tommorow.

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 1 - quick update

After few hours, good dinner and few wasted moments I decided to show how it`s going :

As You can see, I use Dual Screen setup with two 24" monitors so my desktop is quite wide. The reason is simple, on one monitor you can`t squish all windows and You also need some place to put reference photos.
I have one additional 19" monitor hooked up to the notebook if more reference photos is needed. Switching windows is not a option. You need Modeler and reference photos side by side for sake of Your mental health ;-) So ... tea time and back to work .. day is still young. 

Cars2011 - Part 1 day 1

First few tips for modelers.
After so many models I made I can tell You few secrets. There is no faster way to model good model than slow way ! Do not try model whole car from some big shape or come kind of modeled boxes. My method is "slow" but I can model high quality model in 3 days so it works.

First thing is a good blueprint. For starters I will recomend to You to model only with AUDI`s blueprints coz those are perfect in any way.
Preparation of a blueprint is quite simple. Put it into Photoshop, go to brightness/contrast, check legacy and slide brightness slider all the way to the left. Then cut it into separate pictures of front, rear, top and side views.
In Modeler press D and choose Background tab. Set TopL as a top view, BotL front/rear view and BotR as side view.
Draw Box with exact dimension of the car. You MUST know if width of the car is with or without side mirrors.
Box should be without side mirrors. Now adjust resolutions, brightness, size and positions of the background pictures to fit it into the box. You can fix aspect ratio of the front/rear view picture in needed.
Make sure that all elements are on the same heights by cuting or drawing lines between views. For example if lights or bumper starts on the same height in both side and front view. If not, try to fix it.
You should have something like this as you final effect :

On side view, car need to be placed with front facing left.

Where is best place to start with modeling ? I ALWAYS start with front wheels arch. Take a look :

Draw simple disc on the element that is as flat as posible so in this case I will draw it where we have metal rather than those plastic covers.

Use simple BEVEL tool ( press b ) to make first polygons that will be our actual model.

Adjust position of the points to all views and cut useless polygons.

Now my You will see my method. It is simple like : " GO WITH THE LINES ".
Draw polygons on the lines of a blueprint, correct their positions now ant then and draw further.
By simple selecting points, pressing "e" and draging them You can build everything.
Every gap ( selected points on the picture ) can be patched by simply selecting four points in clockwise manner and pressing "p". New polygon is created. And again, go with the lines, adjust ....
make sure that You choose commands by keyboard shortcuts .... it is Waaaayyyy faster.

Few minutes latter .... remember to have in mind where will be separate sheets of metal. Those gaps between them are essential to good model. Learn to model always in size accurate way. Always use same values like 2-3 mm for gap, 2 mm cut for sharp edge in Sub-D mode.
Do NOT add depth to your geometry on this moment. It should be "flat", one sided polygons. Do not thing about making thickness of yours car bodyparts. This is done after whole model is ready.

So ... go with the lines :-) Now I need back to work and speed it up since I will get pay for model, not tutorial :-)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 0 day 0

New project for Dosch Design. 20 detailed car models. I will try to make daily updates and show few tricks for fellow modelers. I have model list already and almost all reference photos, blueprints and PDF`s. Here You have full list :
01. VW UP
02. VW Passat
03. VW Tiguan
04. Opel Corsa OPC
05. KIA Rio
06. Opel Astra IV
07. Audi A6
08. Citroen DS4
09. VW Amarok
10. Fiat Uno
11. Fisker Karma
12. Range Rover Evosque
13. Mercedes M-Class
14. Mercedes CLS
15. Peugeot 508
16. Toyota Yaris
17. Lexus GS350
18. Hyundai i40
19. Honda Pilot
20. Audi Q3
I can`t promise exact order becouse I will start with models that have best blueprints. As always I will try to maintain tempo of one model every 3-4 days.
First model : AUDI Q3. 

I will put few screenshots with tips for modelers and artists.

Tip for today is a simple link to few sites with best reference materials and blueprints :

See Ya.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New project - soon

Im in the middle of orchestrating new project ( probably cars ) ... more info soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Concept Car - Sinus FlowCC on the grass

Did not have free time this weekend so only few details was added. I rendered it on grassy landscape and to improve contrast changed bodypaint color to orange. Here it is :

Friday, September 16, 2011

Concept Car - Sinus FlowCC

After many concepts designed and modeled for Dosch it is time for one designed for pure joy. It is popular "four/five door coupe"like CLS, PassatCC or A7. My concepts are always not too futuristic and in my opinion quite real and practical.

Front was driven by headlight shapes. Just realised that grill looks very SAAB`ish but I will fill it with vertical bars similar to those on RangeRovers.

Glass roof and philarless line will be almost completly transparent.

Smaller rear doors can be opened in oposite direction like in Mazda RX-8 or Phantom or slided like in vans.
Roofline is a bit high but headroom for passangers willbe better this way.

After orange blinkers will be add in front and round headlights I hope to achive more lightness of the front.
Back blinkers and will be composed in one line with chrome bars and third stop.
If I will have enought time it will be ready on monday in first version. Later probably few details will be changed.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Secret project is completed but ..

it is secret and with NDA so no details this time. Now I hope for some new project from Dosch.
No idea what it can be right now. Right now I  do a new concept car and You can expect some previews on friday.