Thursday, March 31, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 16

Second rally car is done. Next will be two cars used for GT racings like 24 hour LeMans or similar events.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Truso - part 16

I have more and more emails about Truso so my heart is full of hope that this project will have some useful conclusion one day. Today a few hours was consumend by small details and few reworked details. As a eye-candy I rendered "aerial" view of the village :

As You can see from renderings, scale which I choosed to achive and level of detail for this project, will prefer less closeups and more aerial and "fly by" takes. Camera work will be always  planed in the way to show every detail not too close. It is imposible to model such a big place and have detail so strong to be able to zoom camera on every bucket or crate and have visable single nail. If there is a need for specific closeups, this places must be specially made having that in mind. 
Few peoples ask me what is and what is not posible to render in this project. It is a tricky question becouse there is always this problem when something is doable but to costly.( in time, money or needed computing power ) If You ask me if I can do it the answer is probably YES. Even if I can`t right out the box I learn fast and love solve production problems. For example : In animation it will be more dynamic with some smokes from few huts or flying birds. Smoke rendered inside Lightwave3d and based on particle system will be quite easy but Im sure that many problems emerge in places and situations that right now can`t be even imagined. Birds ? Sure.
Animated characters, walking people, horses .... need to be researched. There is no character animator in me, sorry. Don`t like it and don`t feel it. The only way for me in this departament is to use "prefabricated" animations from generators lik poser or use some free mo-cap files with "walking cycles". One way or another it is still too early to bother with this kind of stuff.
So what is posible ? EVERYTHNIG ! If they can do it in Hollywood, I can do it too :-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 15

Still quite sick but some one must work here in this mad economy. Here we have a WRC class rally car.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flu brake

I`m sick for third day and all work and projects are frozen. I feel like zombie and have terrible headaches.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 14

Second "Safety Car" model, this time based on Mercedes Benz SLS AMG. It took me 3 days to made this model but blueprints was great so it was pure pleasure. Next two models will be a rally cars.
ps. Truso have no luck right now. I need to made 10 models to achive somekind of a mantal balance knowing that half of the job is done . SLS is eight so two models to go.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 12

Day two of work on RS3 Pilot car. One day to go.
It will be orange with black stripes and signs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 11

Model no.7 - PilotCar in this case based on newest Audi RS3 ( any Forbes 400 lucky bastard here ? I want one ! ). Body is almost complete after day of work. With good blueprint modeling a car is no more than 3 days. ( or two with overtime :-) After model will be completed it will be painted orange, with big "PILOT" and " Follow Me" signs and pimped with signal lights.
Can someone explain to me why I love Audi so much ?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kray renderer

Just instaled and still don`t know what Im doing. First rendering. What I like is perfect Lightwave integration.
Hope there will be new FPrime with more options and better radiosity.
Audi R8 is made by me and direct from Dosch Cars pack without any tweaking. Im sure that few tweaks here and there will make much diffrence.

Project Truso - part 15

Marketplace is ready. Colorful but still little empty. I also started modeling of Port and if everything goes well it will be done in monday. I need to model smaller bridges, few stack of barrels and maybe some bags of flour.
It will also needs some smaller boats and of course ships will be modeled from the scratch.

Next element which I plan to add will be a "wood market and storage" located as showed on map few posts earlier. Stay tuned for Teaser #2 :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 10

NASCAR track, Speedway. Perfect base material for epic scene. As simple as it can be. under 400.000 polygons ! ( most of the polygons usend on chairs :-) Fully textured. Add cars, some background, few details like flags and banners, drown all in advertisments and of course add blimp :-)

And few close-ups :

Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Truso - part 14 - teaser #1

Last night I rendered few seconds of animation and it was enough to combine it into small teaser. Just for fun of making it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project Truso - part 13

Since last time I made all buildings and started to make fences between small groups of houses. It will be hours of work. I still have many old buildings waiting to be replaced with new ones. Few old will stay to make things look like there are buildings in diffrent age. There is also, on the picture, showed place where marketplace and port will be. Next update will show finished buildings, fences and roads. I still have few technical problems which I hope to resolve.

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 9

Second NASCAR car is ready. Next model will be tricky. I must model a NASCAR track. It must be simple enough becouse I have 3-4 days per model. It also must be universal and easy to convert to any posible format so I can`t use full Lightwave3d potential. It is same problem with all models I do for sale. I can`t even experiment myself with other applications becouse of prices of this applications. For example 3ds Max is 3.500 $ !!! Add Maya, XSI, C4d, Modo and others and You can build a house for that kind of money. Ideal situation will be making products for LW3d only but it will be much smaller market.
Last two days I was traveling thru Poland and didn`t have much time to spend in Modeler. Right now Im back home so later I should return to Truso for a moment and complet buildings remodeling

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project Truso - part 12

This sleepy Sunday was spend in half on recovering deleted photos from memory card and on second half I was able to remodel four buildings which will be used later. Models are low-poly and every one is under 6.000 polygons. I don`t have any reference materials regarding buildings but from few small photos of Truso diorama in Elblag Museum I was able to sustain historical realies as much as posible. Here are rendered buildings :

Second picture is wireframe view straight from the Lightwave3d 10. ( so wide becouse of dual-screen setup )

See ya.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 8

My first NASCAR car is finished. I can`t even imagine why this sport is so popular in USA. Cars are ugly and made like toys. Only frame, engine and plastic cover with painted lights. Even uglier when You can`t use any actual paintings, and names on them. It is circus like F1, everything is regulated by million rules.
Anyway, here is rendering :

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project Truso - part 11

Changed sky again to be able to have those nice water reflections. Added farms outside the walls and added HV foliage on the inside adge of the wall to breake too sharp edge there. Here is picture :

Next stop, walls will have ladders added, animated flags on the watchtowers. I also try to correct any horizon glitches, now clearly visable.

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 7

Pit Stop / garage is done.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project truso - part 10

Few small things have been changed since last update. First, most obvious, is lighting and sky. Second is reworked texture covering ground. It is hi-res map combined from 20 diffrent aerial photos. I allready have farm textures which will be made into models tommorow. Here is newest render :
Someone pointed me that my tempo is NOT spectacular. Well, You must remember that I do many other things in the same time. I work 8-9 hours every day on my job ( right now it is 20 models pack - motosports theme ) and if I lucky I have 2-3 hours every day for Truso. I can asure You that this tempo be even slower when snow outside melts. Why ? That`s why :

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 6

First day spended on model no.3 ends with this :

I will add fire extinguishers, pneumatic tools, more small details like phones or signs on the walls.
Few chairs, one or two smaller parts on the floor is also missing.