Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project truso - part 9 - Forest

Progress on forest surrounding Truso is promising so far. I decided to use old method with simple poligons UV textured and added transperency maps. It made possible to use thousands of trees with no visable effect on rendering times. We are still under 500.000 polygons on whole project.

Tokyo Bay

Did not find today time to work so here is some old stuff. Made on After Effect and Lightwave. Basicly it is just a picture with added flares, blimp and animated sky.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project truso - Things to do

While I was busy with F1 cars I planed a few things. Here is a quick map :

Scene have added old buildings for visualization purposes only. Every building will be remodeled and build from the ground. Using old models was necessary to plan free spaces and to check if road system is correct. Every new element will be positioned to the roads. After I finish all elements showed on map above there will be time to add small details : barrels, crates, single trees, ladders, cows, horses and many other. Every building or building group will be also conected to the road system with smaller road fragments and fenced.
Here is clean picture :

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 5

Second F1 car is finished. Next stop, pit stop.

I`m still not sure how to paint them and setup surfaces to make them as universal as it can get for future buyers.
I will that after all models are modeled and aproved.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 4

Many hours of modeling later I have for you second F1 car, still lacking many details. For any addition to the Truso You will need wait till sunday.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project truso - part 8

Another quick update. Added small island with two ruined huts and more foliage.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Project truso - part 7 Roads

Have time only to rework a road system. It is less than 60.000 polygons so it almost don`t affect rendering time and I can zoom camera there to see acceptable detail.

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 3

First F1 car is ready. Plain color right now but latter I will add some color scheme. I can`t put any sings, just color. Here is a pic :

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project truso - part 6

Little step in form of a new road element which will be building material for all roads. I also added few small clipmaps with warriors figuress to visualize proper scale. This shows me that I need wider roads. No more time to work on something more since new Job. Here is rendering :

 Next step will be plan and execute village road system. Maybe tomorrow I speed up things with F1 car.

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 2

First four hours of second day progerss :

Steering wheel, inside of cabin and main body is finished. There will be more later.
Update :

Monday, February 21, 2011

Codename "petrolhead" - Work in progress - part 1

New job started today, going well so far. Here is curent state on first of 20 in total model. It is F1 bolid but with no specific team assignation or maker.

I have few photos of Renault 2010 bolid as reference material however I don`t want to model exact copy. In complete project there will be two F1 cars and pitstop with all equipment .(only from F1 stuff ofcours. There will be NASCAR models, Rally cars, and many other). See ya soon.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project truso - part 5

Since Al Gore invented "global warming" there is so cold outside that I just decided to spend this sunday on few tests. Strange thing, how are the odds, I just watched documentry about Truso on my local cable station. I need to be careful with this viking stuff coz there is no consensus among archeologists regarthing who in reality live there ! Truso seems to be very cosmopolitan city with almost all cultures and nation present one way or another. There is traces of vikings, ests, slavs and many others. Im affraid thad only major contribution vikings made to Truso was its destruction :-) They probably burned it to the ground after orgy of plunder. Well, if archeologists are`not sure why bother anyway ?
Here are fruits of this sunday :

Hypervovels (green shrubs) looking good. Sky is just a gradient. (also a source for global illumination)

... and one from above. Water looks nice too.
On monday I will start my new project for Dosch Design so progress on Project Truso will be much slower for sure. After 8-10 hours of hard modeling I will propably somehow less entusiastic about another hours in front of my monitors. Cold weather keep me in house but I already think about my bike and motocycle. Damn you Al Gore !

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shameless self promotion.

Just found another  animation. Enjoy.

Project Truso - part 4 Land on the horizon !

Good day for citizens of Truso. They have new ground, new fresh water and whole new scene setup. Today I started construction. On fresh landscape new elements will start to pop up. Here You can see current progerss :

Lower part, where moat starts, shows how much of foliage will be in the final scene. This level of detail I hope to sustain durring the construction of the whole lake shore. Clip maps of trees need to be reworked becouse just realised that those maps are extremly low resolution. ( made many years ago ) Things to do in the next few days are :
-Break edge between moat and main land, it is way to sharp right now and need to be covered with something.
-Road system needs to be build from the scratch .
-Mentioned already clipmaps with trees.
Way more work will be consumed by guardtowers. I need to add torches, banners with somekind of vikingish symbols and art, alarm bell and two or three standing figures of guardians ( horny hats and shit . This guard tower will be one of the few places on this sceen where I want to be able make closeups and camera close movement so detail need to be adequate.

When I decided to revisit this old project I did not realise how little is known about vikings and how little reference materials, concept arts and other materials can be found on the internet. It`s strange having in mind how popular viking themes are in pop-culture and how often it is used for example in computer games. So if you are an expert in vikings history and culture and you see something "way off" in my Truso, don`t hesitate to slap me with some comment.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Project Truso - part3 Grass is greener

After few hours making textures and afla channels foliage experimentation was great success. I now have quite good water surface with transperency near lake edges, floating carpet of leaves also look nice. Next thing will be strip of Common Reed covering, too visable right now, edge between water and ground. There is two way to do that. First is using of fur generator, second will be combination of clip maps and low poly models. Im not shure right now what will be best way.

and there is a little hint how its made :
Useful tip : when You have many similar objects, like above, You want to select bunch of them in Scene Editor , clone them , and move them as a selected group. It is usefull when you have flat ground and You need place many, for example, trees.

Fog problem.
In previous part fog issues make me to decide to make fog effect as a post production. If You know easy and effective way send me a comment or two. It will be way easier bearing in mind all those strange fog related problems in Lightwave3d. Maybe is there some kind of plugin for Lightwave itself ? Must look around.

City animation - circa 1999

My old animation made as a teaser of bigger project. Project canceled :-( Made entaierly on Lightwave3d, no more than 10 hours of work. Just founded it in backup directory on old CD.

Project Truso part 2 - The great success ... except it isn`t

My experiment involving hypervoxels and fog ended with dissappointment. Take a look :
In each yellow frame You can see one null object (point) with hypervoxel green smoke. As far as I use clip maps of trees, fog seems to be correct but on voxels isn`t. So, maybe Z-Buffor fog added on postproduction ? If my memory serves I saw good one on Fusion6 page. But I don`t have Fusion :-( Back to the lab then.

Three letters : WTF ?!?! I changed fog type from realistic to linear and this is what I get :
Now hypervoxels are fine and dandy but clipmaps isn`t. Can someone explain it to me ?!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project Truso part 1

Here you have some Lightwave screenshots and some scene statistics. Scene is divided to 5 parts. First is ground and lake. Part two contains city wall and guard towers. Third part which contain buildings and fourth part with roads. Fifth part ? 1100 objects from trees, cows, boats, crates to barrels and ladders. Whole scene is no more than 1.200.000 polygons and was created and rendered on celeron 450Mhz.
 As you can see whole project is way to big for usage of fur based grass effects or other simple method to cover ground with some kind of automatic generated foliage. Since I want to be 100% Lightwave generated image, any external aplication like Vue 9 or terragen is excluded from this project. In original scene trees in strategic places was fully 3d objects and those far from camera was made by simple clip maps however Lightwave has problems combining clipmaps, transperency channel and fog, there is a need for some other solution.
I will try to make experimental foliage with point based hypervoxels of green smoke. I think it may work as soon as I be able to switch off animation of voxel`s volumetrics and ofcours if there will be no fog related problems.

Next time I will raport findings of this hypervoxel/foliage experimentation.

So, you must be mad !

Last 7 years for me was quite monohromatic and monothematic. Working as a 3d artist You will learn pretty early that there is no bigger fun killer than boring job. I worked and still work as a modeler for company called Dosch Design.
Thru this years I made hundreds  cars, ships, planes and other vehicles. Money are good, working in home is nice too but hell .... I learned 3d becouse I wanted to be a creator! Fantastic scenes, space battles, tricky effects ... this is what is interesting in our business. No one with two brain cells want to be CGI artist becouse money is good . We know that CGI artist this days is pretty low in food chain. Only few can make it well. All the rest work hard in dungeons of production studio and hope that 12h a day will be enough to meet a deadline.

Tomorrow or on monday I will start another job for Dosch. I dont know if I can talk about it but I will try to show picture or two. Right now I rather to tell you about my imaginery projects which I will try to start in near future and talk about in this blog.

First is a visualization of Viking town called Truso. Ten years ago I made animation and few shots and flying cameras for public television TVP1 in Poland and now I want to rewisit that project. I have many models and layouts but for legal reasons I will make them onece more in higher quality and better detail.

This simple preview of old scene and old models can tell you how much work it still needs. I plan to make this scene in two light setups. First will be near sunrise time with fog from the lake . Second in full sunshine or early sunset with smokes from chimneys and orange haze. I dont know right now if I decide to add some animated characters and other complicated things like cloath simulations on the boats or flags. There will be for sure few places with high detail to show some closeups.

My second imaginary project is a model of spase ship inspired by television show Firefly. I will not model another copy but try instead to make something fresh. Right now I have few ideas and previsualizations. Main problem is fact that I want this model to have fully functional inside part. Many moving parts will not help to make it easier too. Here are few early renderings :

Texturing tests.

Main part of the ship without engines and this bugish thing in the rear which you can see on the original Serenity. I will add it, no worries :-)

With engines and with more texturing experiments.
Last thing in this post is a little product placement. I just finished another Dosch project so in week or two you can buy it. It is 20 detailed concept cars for Your animation or visualization. Every model is in subdivided surfaces and fully textured. Here is a little teaser. My vision of small SUV inspired by Audi Q1.
 Its a Q One ;-)