Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back to the Truso part 3

Just finished a opening screen for Truso animation. It is New Year so I put it in the rendering and went to concert and laser/fireworks show. Star of the evening was Slawomir Losowski and his band. His son was playing on drums ( best polish drummer ) and He is a keyboard magican. He plays on good old analog synths so sound is outstanding. See a short YT video : 

As for the Truso stuff ... here You have frame no 113 of the opening/title screen :

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the Truso part 2

I just started to model a smaller props like weapons and household objects. I plan to use them in the introduction and title screen. Some will be used in map scene. I found map from 10th century so it will be nice touch. Here You have a sword modeled today :
Later I will add a dozen of shields with various paintings and colors. In day or two I will have "TRUSO" logo ready. It will be a sign composed from elements related to viking culture. There will be Thor`s Hammer as a letter "T", shield as "o", rune symbol for "r" ... with sword as a background. All rendered with transparent background and placed on some rendered aerial view of whole village.
To end this post I give You two recent renderings :

As promised. 14 different shields. ( there will be probably more since just on the one side of Longboat ( Viking Ship ) thereis 15-16 shields. Every shield is 80cm wide.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to the Truso part 1

Few new elements added to Truso project. I modeled stairs and constructions near every guard tower. I also downloaded few small models that will be useful like low-poly horse (need some work still), well and few trees. Tree models are useless for me right now because I do not have Lightwave 11 where Instances are added so I can only use them only as a test.(due to compatibility issues I rather not use plug-ins since they can course problems when migrating a scene to newer version of Lightwave ) With Instances there will be another level in detail. Too bad that I don`t have money for Lightwave 11 :-(

On my workbench I have many themes right now. I`m in the middle of learning a simple animations based on morph targets useful on second plan animals like cows, horses or birds. There will be large amounts of those added and I want them to be more than just static figures.
Another ongoing experimentation is all sorts of animatable grass and weeds. It will be tricky to control where I want grass to grow since I have many trails and roads made with simple procedural textures.

I will post every now and then a few new elements. It is still long way ahead.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Concept car named Sinus Flow

I have much more free time since I have no new gigs ;-) I returned to my unfinished concept car that is close to what I like it to look like. Others concepts are what tey are becouse time restrictions. When You model a car in 4 days You do not have time for many changes or tweakings. This model is made in free time and corrected/changed many times. I still have many work to do. I plan to add small details like signs on the windshields and windows. Also many other details will be add and few like wheels will be changed. I want also to make good interiors and sport version of whole car. Some kind of RS model or if You like bavarian stuff more, some M-Power version ;-)
Unemployment makes You think about stuff that never before cross You mind. While modeling and designing a model like this I think that working as a real car designer can be acctually my second favorite dream job. Just after becoming a ruthless dictator.  STOP ! I know what You thinking. You think that for the sake of humanity all car designers should be shoot on site becouse fact that Hitler designed Volkswagen Beetle can`t be just coincidence. You just can be right here ! Just look at some cars ! It is certain that some of them was designed to kill You just with the simple looks. I will not mention those cars but there is some ugly cars out there !
Since I`m most humble man living today I can say that my concept is on the other list :-) Just look :

The best test is simple question : Would You buy it ?
If You wonder about logo on the front and rear of the car, it is a coat of arms of my home town.
Here You can read some about Elblag : Elblag

Finished model look like this : ( no interiors )

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Short animation - plans changed

I have new idea. Old project has bad karma from the begining. It was line of bad luck nothing else. Now I have something new in mind. Too early to show. In the meantime I mixed what left from HDD malfunction and posted it on the YouTube. ( more info there )
On the other fronts :
I still do not have any job on the table. After modeling 20 cars I`m officialy unemployed. I hope ther will be some gig for me ready in few days but if there is no new projects it is not a end of the world. I will look into some new ventures. God gived me brain and two hands to interact with mouse and keyboard so as long as health is there I will not worry.
I still not started rendering of some preview with models from last project. Reason is simple. For every second of animation You need 30 frames. Single frame with radiosity and car will render from 5 to 10 minutes. Do the math yourself how much electricity I need and time to render 20 cars with 2-3 shots each lasting 6-7 seconds.

Last thing I need to mention in this post is my search for some good external renderer. I downloaded a few demo versions and will start testings on monday. I`m looking for some good integration with Lightwave and as easy as posible UI and setup. Not that LW3d native renderer is bad or something but You know, outside the fence grass is greener. In near future I need also to experiment a bit with architecture visualizations so good natural radiosity will be nice. I have on my plate Kray Renderer, Maxwell renderer and one with GPU acceleration. ( Octane ?) Stay tuned for some previews in the near future.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Short animation project

I mentioned before that due to everyday work I was behind in many fields related to CG. I decided to experiment a little with few features. I want to make a short animation but without characters since this is not my field of intrest at all. I just simple do not feel flow of time to be good animator. My animation will be contained to one simple location. I have early renderings for You :
So far I do not have any idea what`s next but I will try to do something that will be useful in area of "special effects". Some animation that is realistic yet not posible to do in real life. In the meantime I need to research few things. Maybe I find easy way to add some animated peoples with help of  some free mo-cap  files. I need only few simple moves, walking cycles. It will be useful also in my Truso project. I hope there will be chance to back to that in near future. 
Update :  Life sux :-(  I lost my scenes due to strange SSD problem. It is first time that happend to me.
 Scene files are corupted beyond repeair. 3 days of work :-( But still I was able to learn few things. First, You can forget about animation in 3d when You don`t have render farm :-) Second, it is better to be a banker than CG artist. Waaay better.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 20 - PROJECT COMPLETE !!!!

Every few months I have this moment of bliss. Every time when I finish last model in project the grass is greener :-) Last object in this series is Lexus GS350 that will be in production early 2012. As always in case of asian cars it is not so beautiful but I`m sure it is working like a car. Here You have last renderings in this project :

I do not have any new project confirmed at this moment so animation mentioned last time is still on the table. I need a few days to catch my breath and I will be ready to roll.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 19 final

I can see the finish line from here ! Only one model to go. Kia Rio is ready, modeled and rendered.
As always in full sub-d with only few triangles in non strategic places :-) As always under 60.000 polys. ( before subdivision ) . Rendering time for picture like this is under 4 minuts on my i5 2500k@4.5ghz.

NEXT : Lexus GS
If I have some free time after this project I will render some animation with this models. Too bad I do not have any private renderfarm :-(

Monday, November 28, 2011

Model no 19 - KIA

Second day of my work on KIA Rio concluded with this rendering :
It is time to slowly looking for another project. Only one model left so maybe I will have some time for private work. I must spend few days on learning new tricks. There are so much to learn and so little time for do it :-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 18 final

Honda Pilot is unknown here in Europe, only few are on the market. In Poland where I live I only saw it one time ! My 3d model is based on latest facelifting and fresh photos from autoblog.
Only two models left in this project. Next : New Kia RIO. Due to very bad reference materials I have for Lexus GS i will do it last hoping that smoe good photos or blueprint will emerge :-)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 17 final

Opel Corsa model is ready. I did not go for OPC version after all. It`s more universal that way.  You always can add this few details yourself. In arch-viz works it is better to have cars that tell for who final product is targetet and nobody sell houses or flats to hooded users of crazy hot-hatches :-)

NEXT : Honda Pilot

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 16 final

Only four to go and it is pay day ;-) This Hyundai seams to be nice but I`m afraid that those lines can quick loose it`s appeal. Model is ready and was made quite fast. Even recording whole process and making movies about it did not have negative effect on modeling speed.  The only issue I have with Lightwave`s Modeler is that it crash alot. It is only my problem for some reason becouse on forums there is no word about it. But it is not a big problem for me since Lightwave starts on my rig in less than one second and to save model You just press "s".
I need to reinstall whole thing after finishing this project. Probably it is all caused by my graphics card ( gts250 ) but simple change of drivers have no effect. But we have here little chat and over there are new renderings ready:

Don`t judge my renderings, they are only for simple showing of a model, not to be photorealistic or anything.
NEXT : Opel Corsa OPC

Friday, November 18, 2011

Second part of time lapse modeling

So far time consumed by this model is 1.55 from part one and 2.45 in this session. So four hours and forty minutes ... not bad :-) In this mad tempo I will finish it in 8-9 hours :-) Of course there will be some cheating by using already modeled elements like tires, inside of a car, licenece plates and logo but it is still good tempo. I can`t maintain this speed across whole project coz it is too hard without feeling exhausted. It is simple experiment to know my skills if needed. Here You have new time lapsed video :

Thursday, November 17, 2011

How it`s made

Inspired by one of the Newtek`s forum user I decided to try a time-lapse animation of modeling process.
Enjoy :

Cars2011 - Part 15 final

Hi. After four days of hard work I present to You a new model from Land Rover. Range Rover Evoque. Handsome car with styling that was placed first in line. Funcionality is probably quite bad same thing is rear visability thru this small back windows. Anyway, I like it :-) It cost me a lot of energy. It was most time consuming model in this project. Many small details, lame reference materials ... but here it is :

NEXT : Hyundai i40
ps. If You care about Fiat Uno model I have bad news. I decided to model B-class instead.
It seams that Fiat Uno is not in production right now so it will useless to model it in project with current sales target. Sorry.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 14 final

Handsome Pickup from Volkswagen called Amarok. It will be even better as a some Audi brand with bigger engine. Im sure that few cowboys will buy Audi F150 with V8 TDI :-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 13 final

Another popular yet boring small car. Toyota Yaris from model year 2012. Even if something looks off on this model I`m sure it is proper model. In case of Toyota styling ( or lack of it ) it is quite hard to render them to match promotional photos. This photos are highly retouched in photoshop to make those cars less ugly ;-)
But who buy Toyota for something more than weather protection while moving ? It has roof, it has place to sit ... what more You can ask ?

NEXT : Volkswagen Amarok

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 12 final

Opel Astra 2011. This model is made in Poland in Gliwice. Handsome car.

NEXT :  Toyota Yaris.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cars2011 - Part 11 final

Small mercedes B-class, not so handsome golf clone.

NEXT : Opel Astra IV